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Unlocking a New Era of Ecommerce

The Anima Group Is an International retail group changing the way consumers shop online

We are amongst the fastest growing companies in the UK and Europe


Years of  Ecommerce 


Leading Partners


Different industries

Delivering the best online experiences

Innovative Ecommerce 

Our data & systems are the best in the online world of retail sales. 

Ecommerce Analytics Acceleration

Our experts use cutting-edge data science techniques to accelerate Ecommerce analytics and insights. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Elevated customer satisfaction with our comprehensive and tailored Ecommerce customer experience solutions. 

Sustainable Retail Strategies

Our sustainable and efficient retail strategies prioritise smart and eco-friendly practices, that are truly unique to the Anima Group!

Win - Win - Win

The Anima Group Is Beneficial To Everyone


Good For Investors

We believe in quickly scaling each venture business to maximise returns for investors, while working to mitigate risk by strategically utilising REV's vast human capital & deep domain expertise.


We believe that our team Is our biggest asset. And as such, we foster radically-candid family-like cultures so to more efficiently maximise their potentials.

Good for Employees

Good for the World


We have strict standards when it comes to what we produce and never compromise on quality. This is especially true when it comes to the first-rate materials we use. Our customers deserve the highest level of products on the market, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards.

We're Hiring!

Join a team where innovation meets excellence. At Anima, we're not just focused on achieving targets; we're dedicated to setting new industry standards.

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